6dogrees Rescue "Chloe"

Author: dogrees
Date: May 9, 2017

So here's how this story went: I was waiting for my tires to be swapped out from snow tires to 4 new tires, so I had time to kill, and meandered over to Fred Meyer's to shop. Not even 10 minutes into shopping mode and I received a phone call. I picked up and it was a male voice with a bit of strain in his voice. He says "Oh my God" thank you for taking my call. I said ok...how can I help you?

He said... well my mom passed away a month ago and upon her death bed she said to me (her son) please promise me you will take care of my "Chloe" and make sure she is well cared for.

Apparently all of the other local rescues, and Humane societies were full or had requested more than he could give. He didn't know where her shot records were, he was homeless, and in despair for his mom's sake and Chloe's.

I said "get her to my vet, and we will take her sight unseen." He did - and boy, this poor dog lived a life of a Gypsy 10+ years and not spayed! Mammary gland tumors, bad teeth, and a severely dried out eye from a cat scratch.  She looked up at me and I said "Don't worry we will take care of you" Liz Kuzmer Sandin stepped up to foster Chloe and we are so thankful for the love and care her family is giving Chloe. She went from "hot mess" sad to...well "hot mess" happy😊 in 1 week! Chloe is,10+ and may lose her eye, but we will see, she has been to a eye specialist and...right now life is great for Chloe. 

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