Hey! I'm Karleen, the human behind this non-profit.

It's a team effort saving dogs' lives!

At our non-profit dog rescue, we believe that saving dogs is a team effort. From our dedicated fosters to our generous donors and supporters, it takes a community of animal lovers to make a difference in the lives of these deserving pups. Together, we can give them a second chance at finding their forever homes and experiencing the love and happiness they deserve. 

Karleen Brigham

Owner of 6dogrees Rescue 501c3
6dogrees – a 501c3 – is a small, grassroots rescue focusing on saving local & CA death-row dogs. Why CA? We save “red listed” dogs meaning those with less than 12 hours to be rescued. A good percentage of these dogs end up on the euthanasia list by no fault of their own. Pet stores are over selling dogs, backyard breeders, & puppy mill dogs are a big part of the problem. As they breed the new trendy dogs, these “less desirable” dogs are discarded. The dogs end up in the streets and shelters.
We help many dogs in California because 800 dogs per day are dying there. The lack of spay and neuter, and education also adds to the problem leaving many agencies with very limited resources to help the animals.

Our beginnings
Karleen used her bonus check money from her job a few years ago to launch a sustainable rescue idea with a “Save it forward” concept. Maintaining her full-time job, Karleen now spends most of her free time rescuing dogs and finding them a forever home.

It can cost $700 to save even a healthy dog. When dogs are adopted they are fully vetted spayed/neutered and microchiped. 6 Dogrees rescue uses all of the adoption fees for the dogs welfare, vetting & boarding. We are doing business as a “not for profit rescue” All adoption fees, donations go directly to saving red listed euthanasia dogs. For every dog we adopt out we rescue one more and pay on the additional vet bills of sick dogs for pay-it-forward rescuing. We feel by remaining small we can better manage and care for the dogs that need us. 6dogrees is a passionate rescue based off love and volunteers.

Here are a few home photos of my furry family members, Xanadu and Vinnie. We've captured some of their most heartwarming and playful moments on camera, whether it's them snuggling up on the couch or exploring the great outdoors.

Tammy Ross

Foster Extrodainarre of 6dogrees Rescue 501c3
My name is Tammy Ross.  My partner, Wayne, and I have been fostering for 6dogrees Rescue since March 2014.  To date we have fostered 243 dogs in our home and look forward to helping many more special pups find their forever homes.   While in our care, the fosters are treated like our family; they are nurtured and loved unconditionally.  Each dog will stay with us until we know they are ready physically and emotionally ready to be adopted.  We receive immense joy from watching them heal and blossom.

In early 2014 we lost our beloved American Eskimo, Brutus, to an aggressive cancer.  Shortly after his death I knew we had the means to a love and add another four-legged family member to our pack.  I found a puppy that was being fostered by 6dogrees Rescue and reached out to Karleen.  Due to the age of my other dogs, Karleen discouraged me from adopting a puppy.  She shared it would be a tough transition for my older dogs (this was the first of many lessons Karleen has taught me over the years).  Karleen then encouraged me to consider fostering.  She shared that over 800 dogs are euthanized each day in California due to over population, most highly adoptable.  While I was concerned that I would never be able to let a foster be adopted due to becoming attached, Karleen guided me through the process, each step of the way.  It has been the most rewarding endeavor in my life, and a true passion project.  I do my best to stay in touch with each of the families that adopt my fosters.  This allows me to have a window into their world and watch the dogs flourish with their new families.  It is an amazing gift.

We affectionally named our home, Camp Littles.  Primarily because all the dogs we foster are under 20-pounds, and most under 10-pounds.  Our home and yard were designed with the dog’s comfort and safety in mind.  Over the years we have fostered litters of puppies, pregnant mommas, two dogs with distemper, many with kennel cough, several with broken bones, and most traumatized from being in a high-kill shelter.  As our personal pack has aged, we have transitioned into welcoming more senior dogs, and special needs dogs.  We help most find their forever homes, however, those that do not find their forever families outside of Camp Littles are welcomed as permanent pack members and added to our family.
Here are a few photos of Camp Littles, Wayne, and myself. This  gallery showcases the beauty of Camp Littles and the love and care we give to each dog that enters our home. From playful moments to little snuggles, these images capture the special bond we share with our fosters.
Camp Littles Dog Picture 1

With 4.9 Star Review ★★★★★

Our Adopters Love Us!

  • Monika K MC Comb
    February 21st 2020
    Highly recommend this rescue takes really good care of all dogs. I fostered many dogs for 6dogrees rescue that had very, very high medical needs ! All paid for fully with no hesitation. Anyone talking negative has no clue ! Here is ONE of THE BEST !
    Teresa Tippens
    March 23, 2020
    Karleen worked to help find our sweet little puppy a perfect forever home. We are so grateful for her knowledge and help!! Would highly recommend!
    Blythe Simmons
    November 16, 2019
    The majority of the dogs rescued are on death row. This is their last chance to find a home. Thank goodness for the fosters, adopters and 6dogrees.
  • Mick Grove
    October 12, 2019
    We had an excellent experience rescuing our sweet chihuahua mix puppy. He was well loved and fostered by 6dogrees Rescue before he came to our home and is doing very well!
    Crysta McDonell
    October 13, 2020
    My interaction with 6dogrees was such a wonderful experience. They are equally invested in both the well being of their dogs and the people involved in all aspects of the adoption process. It takes a tribe and Karleen at 6dogrees has built a tribe of remarkable people who are called to action without hesitation. Karleen’s dedication to these dogs doesn’t stop after the adoption is finalized. I can speak from experience when I say that Karleen will be an advocate for these precious pups indefinitely.
    SHelia Horton-Badger
    Frebruary 25, 2019
    We adopted a german shepard and 6dogrees has the best interest in the animals they save!! They make sure the family is the right fit for the dog!! Lots of love and care into each pup
  • Mia Nickel
    October 14, 2018
    We got our lovely rescue Stanley from Karleen at 6dogrees. They were great!
    Florence Carol
    September 3, 2018
    6 Dogrees Rescue is an amazing rescue who clearly care about their little (and big) ones. They truly want what’s best for their dogs. We can’t speak more highly about this rescue. Our experience was outstanding from beginning to end. We highly recommend 6 Dogrees Rescue!
    Cherie MacLeod
    August 28, 2018
    Thank you for rescuing my new best buddy George. He so sweet, loves to cuddle, belly rubs and keeping me company. His foster moms were wonderful walking me through the adoption process.
    Thank you so much
  • Rachel Rogers
    March 22, 2018
    Had my first adoption experience with 6dogrees Rescue and it could not have been better. We met the perfect addition to our family. His foster family Karla and Erin were wonderful to work with. We cannot thank you enough.
    Kyle Grafstrom
    January 28, 2018
    Wonderful dogs and people. Our first rescue dogs and they are amazing.
    Earl Bricker
    January 13, 2018
    Totally awesome group, kind and loving, very sincere about the animals,
  • Julia Blackwood
    October 30, 2017
    July of 2015 saved my baby from a high kill shelter in San Bernardino. He continues to be the sweetest but high anxiety dog. But he’s loved, spoiled and he knows it.
    Kathy Hummel
    July 31, 2017
    We adopted our dog Merlin 2 years ago from 6dogrees. It was a great experience. I have been following them since that time. Their love and compassion for dogs demonstrated in their actions. All dogs deserve a loving furever family.
    Carrie Matheny Grafstrom
    September 17, 2017
    We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary of adopting our Henry and today we welcomed a new member to our pack! Working with 6 Dogrees has been such a fulfilling experience, not only because of the joy these fellas bring into our lives and home but because of the work that Karleen, Tammy and their team of foster parents put into getting these guys safely into their forever homes. The adoption process was both easy and comforting. To say we are grateful is an understatement, thank you for your commitment to these four legged kids and for being rescue warriors!
  • Pam Beuhler
    January 13, 2019
    I have my two beautiful babies from this group. I have known Karleen a long time and I assure you there was 0 special treatment for me when it came to adoption. She is strict in a beautiful perfect way to make sure every baby is wanted. Walking angels these ladies are. I assure u that there is no one better. The lot of them. Takes a village. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Neely Morris Brown
    January 30, 2018
    We adopted our sweet dog, Keira, from 6 Dogrees and we loved our experience! We met with Keira's foster mom in a dog park, so my kids could really interact with her and see how she did with them. This was so important for us, because the dog was in a safe and relaxed environment and not stressed in an adoption situation- so we felt we really got to know her when we met her. She has been the perfect addition to our family!
    Debbie Dodge Hood
    September 27, 2017
    Thanks so much to our new family member Millie we love her already

A little more about us

Dogs Saved! Since our inception in 2013, 6dogrees Rescue has rescued over 4,000 dogs!
Years Rescuing! The founder, Karleen, has been involved for at least 15 years in the dog-rescue world through multiple charities.
Foster Parents! We've worked with wonderful foster parents to home our dogs before they're adopted.
Dogs Left to Save! Our work is truly never done. Until the country goes no-kill, there will always be dogs to rescue.
6dogrees Rescue is a small, passionate, Seattle-based 501c3 non-profit charitable organization that focuses on saving the lives of urgent dogs in their last hours.

Our mission is to provide the proper vetting and care for dogs that we save from high-kill shelters. We help save lives and give homeless dogs a second chance at finding their forever home.
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In the years that we've been doing dog rescue, we've worked with countless amazing people and poured our hearts and souls into the dogs … all to the recovery of these wonderful dogs that were once considered worthless

Happy healthy dogs. Living a life they never would have had without you.

In the years that we've been doing dog rescue, we've worked with countless amazing people and poured our hearts and souls into the dogs … all to the recovery of these wonderful dogs that were once considered worthless. 
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About 6dogrees Rescue 501c3
6dogrees Rescue is a small, passionate, Seattle-based 501c3 non-profit charitable organization that focuses on saving the lives of urgent dogs in their last hours. 

100% of all fees collected are spent on the dogs. We “Save it forward”; each time a dog is adopted, we are allowed to save another. Adoption fees are non-negotiable and are in place to enable thorough care for the dogs.

6dogrees adoptions are limited to residents of Washington State.
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