We've rescued a lot of dogs… here are some of our favorites

The stories of Sarah Lee and Herbie are some of the most transformative I've experienced in this non-profit. The power of the team and the tenacity of each dog to survive continue to touch my heart even to this day.

Dog rescue is taxing on the heart and soul. After weeks of pouring our hearts into the dogs, and they don't look like they'll to make it, these are the stories I hold dear to my heart. 

To remind me, "yes, with enough love, they will make it." 
Sarah Lee — It Takes a Village
When Sarah was a few weeks old, California Animal Control found her face down in a mud puddle. They thought she had been stepped on. The Animal Shelter asked 6dogrees Rescue if we would help.

Anyone who meets Sarah falls in love with her. Sarah has a spunky zest for life and a loving personality! Euthanization was NOT an option - as long as there is hope and the dog is not suffering, we do everything in our power to give the animal the life they deserve, unconditionally loved and cared for.
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Herbie Is a Testament to the Power of Love
This is a Cinderella story. And it is one that needs to be shared. Like all the dogs we rescue, Herbie can't speak for himself. And if we don't tell his story, his long journey will be forgotten. Herbie's life truly represents the power of Love, Dedication, and the role of animal rescue.

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100% of all fees collected are spent on the dogs. We “Save it forward”; each time a dog is adopted, we are allowed to save another. Adoption fees are non-negotiable and are in place to enable thorough care for the dogs.

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