Herbie Is a Testament to the Power of Love

by Karleen Brigham, Owner of 6dogrees Rescue

Herbie's Story

This is a Cinderella story. And it is one that needs to be shared. Like all the dogs we rescue, Herbie can't speak for himself. And if we don't tell his story, his long journey will be forgotten. Herbie's life truly represents the power of Love, Dedication, and the role of animal rescue. 
Herbie was Literally Tossed
Herbie was rescued from San Bernardino Shelter on December 19, 2013, by 6dogrees Rescue. He was found in a shelter's parking lot after being "tossed" out of a car. He was terrified and confused. 
He Was at His Lowest Point
A shelter worker found Herbie running in circles, screeching, and terrified. He was covered in scabies, barely had any fur, and was significantly underweight. He desperately needed immediate vet care.
They Didn't Think He'd Make It
Herbie's condition was dire, and they thought he was a senior dog. Chances were not high that he would make it out of the shelter alive without intervention from a rescue. 
And Then We Stepped In
Thankfully, 6dogrees Rescue decided to take a chance on him. And we changed his life forever. 

Who Are We?

I'm Karleen Brigham, the founder of 6dogrees Rescue, the lady you see on the right. 

When I got a call from the shelter saying that Herbie had been found outside the shelter and was in danger of being euthanized, I knew that I had to intervene and help him along his journey of recovery. We're a small, passionate, Seattle-based 501c3 non-profit that focuses on saving the lives of urgent dogs in their last hours.
Why I Started this Non Profit
I wanted to bring one-on-one care to the animal rescue scene with a hyper-focus on quality of the rescue rather than the quantity.
Giving them an Advocate
Each dog that passes through our rescue deserves a personal advocate for their health… and for their future.
Transforming their Lives
They need a personal touch to coordinate the care that brings them from their worst point, to living their most joyous life.
Finding Their Forever Home
Over the years, we've rescued over 4,000 dogs from an untimely death, and helped them all to find their forever home.

He was Nursed Back to Health

Herbie was very shy at first, but he quickly learned to trust us. Over the next few months, we saw Herbie's condition improve. His fur started to grow back and his wounds began to heal.

Eventually, Herbie was strong enough to have travel to Washington.

Our California Team Healed Him
The team in California nursed him back to health. They helped tame his anxiety, treated his scabies, and helped regrow his hair.
He Made it to Seattle
Three months later, Herbie was healthy enough to make the trek to Washington State. In April 2014, he arrived in Seattle.
He Met His Foster Family
Herbie's first day at his new home was filled with excitement and fun as he met his new foster family. 
He Began to Transform
As spring turned into early summer, Herbie's personality continued to blossom and his coat continued growing out.

He Made Friends

Herbie finally made it to Seattle and he is loving it! He's made some great new friends and he's become one of the family. He's even setting an example for new foster dogs. He's living a happy life and we're so happy for him
He Found his Friends
His four-legged siblings love Herbie, and they all have a wonderful time enjoying the summer sunshine. Herbie is a very lucky dog, and he knows it!
He Found His Forever Home
Herbie flourished in his new environment. OH, and I forgot to mention that he turned into a "failed foster", meaning his foster family adopted him!
He's Setting An Example
Herbie has become a gorgeous example of the huge difference that love and care can make in a small life.
Another Successful Rescue!!!
Herbie has come a confident little lion, and his foster family loves him dearly! He's now living the life he deserves!

6dogrees is proud to be able to share his success story. What a difference a year can make. ❤️

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