Success Story: Shamrock (now Finn)

Author: dogrees
Date: July 12, 2015

Shamrock was found crying under a truck on the street on Saint Patrick's day by a good Samaritan.
2 months old, alone & in pain, this was definitely not a good way to start life.

His little face was welted and swollen from bee stings, and he had a terrible ear infection. Carson Shelter told the gal they would euthanize him on intake. Our friend heard the conversation and intercepted him.


6dogrees Rescue vetted Shamrock and his face and ear began to heal. However, as a result of being a malnourished puppy he developed Puppy Strangles -  an harsh autoimmune disorder. After antibiotics, and boosting his immune system with goats' milk, and quality dog food he began blooming! His medical expenses added up quite a bit, and we really appreciate every donation that came in for Shamrock.

His wonderful foster mom was also fostering a terrier named Amelia. Although Amelia had 4 of her own puppies, she loved Shamrock and made sure he got lots of cuddling.


After almost 3 months healing at his foster mom's house, his Puppy Strangles were gone and he came to Seattle where he was adopted by a great family.

They named him Finn, and send updates about his life. His mom works at a doggie day care where he loves to hang out, and sometimes he gets to go to the office with his dad.


 As you can see, his injuries and sickness from the beginning of his life are far in his past. He's completely spoiled, as he should be, and loves going on outings with his forever family.

He even has sunglasses 🙂


The before/after:


Thank you to everyone who helped in the saving and transformation of Shamrock/Finn!

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