The Dr. is Always In: Meet Dr. Zile

Author: dogrees
Date: July 12, 2015

Even though our 6dogrees rescue dogs all get checkups and medcial treatment before they are transported to us, we always have them checked again on arrival so we know we're giving these dogs the best chance at thriving in their foster and forever homes.
We are all a team when it comes to saving lives. Rescuers, transporters, fosters, and other volunteers are all team members for our dogs. An important part of our team is Greenwood Animal Hospital & Dr. Zile.


He puts in the hours! Dr. Zile has seen it all.

Most of all he's a good guy and in it to help rescues and to see that all dogs are vetted and cared for. Dr Zile says I make him laugh. That's a honor and I adore him. He has ethics, drive commitment, a great attitude.


Dr Zile goes the distance for the animals. I have seen him administer fluids to a dying dog in a car because the owner wasn't ready to say good bye. I have witnessed him help a homeless man's dying dog and work with the less fortunate. I am very thankful that compassion still exists in good people.


His staff is sweet and they love helping animals. We are very grateful that they work well with Rescues.


Thank you so much to Greenwood Animal Hospital and Dr. Zile!

From Karleen & all of 6dogrees

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