What Keeps Me Rescuing: Mariposa

Author: dogrees
Date: May 19, 2014
How could anyone do this to a sweet family. On a 90 degree day in CA someone dropped a box of puppies and their mommy down the road from the shelter...not at the shelter, but down the road from the shelter.
The word got out on FB and alerted the rescue community. The dogs were taken into the shelter. They euthanized the mommy and one brother the next day as a mistake! It infuriated rescues. Thank you Pamela Yin for getting the rest out before it was too late. Mariposa touched my heart she looked broken against the shelter wall.
I was set on helping her and another WA rescue helped her siblings. Mariposa is the sweetest little girl. How could anyone be so cruel to these dogs?
Fast forward...
Tonight Mariposa is resting well in her new home in West Seattle (which happens to be my neighbors behind me)
How does that happen? It was a sweet surprise! She went right from transport to her forever happy home in my hood 🙂 And her new mommy Paula loooooved her the minute she laid eyes on her!  It was a great ending to her sad story, and a great new beginning.


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